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Use your school data, such as the attendance rate at parents’ evenings, the level of response when you have asked for parent volunteers, or how responsive parents are to messages requiring action, to understand the kind of relationships that exist with parents at your school. Also consider data that is affected by the levels of parental engagement such as pupil results, behaviour and absences. Schools should remember to check the DfE website requirements checklist to make sure you have included all the compulsory information regarding policies, governance, curriculum etc on their websites. As a parent with a kid that is school-age, I know firsthand the challenge of managing all of the different messages that I receive from his school. What if all of those texts, emails, and scraps of paper could be aggregated to one place though? A spot where questions, messages, school needs and other information could live and be easily accessed by parents, teachers, and administrators? When it comes to key information about the school – whether that's term dates, events, or news – your primary school app is the one-stop-shop for parents to stay up to date. Knowing more about what's going on during the school day can help to inspire out-of-school learning and encourage parental engagement. Compress learning by pretesting all students for mastery of curriculum objectives. This will help teachers avoid spending time on previously mastered concepts and allow time for students to delve deeper into topics. Advertise incentives for attendance. Each parent who attends receives a raffle ticket for a drawing that can be held in the cafeteria at the end of the evening. Popular raffle items are free coupons for students (soft drink, water, popcorn, candy bar), school T-shirts or other school promotional items, a pair of tickets for the Homecoming dance or local movie theater, a free sports pass, a free pass for the school play or musical, a free parking pass, and so forth. Local businesses may also be willing to donate items for the raffle.

.School Systems for Parents Evenings.

A factor that is closely linked to the concept of cultural and social capital and that might help explain variations in the extent to which parents engage with schools has been termed ‘parental agency’. Colleges today are releasing their own apps left and right. These apps are made to provide users with all kinds of interesting tidbits and tools, like information on upcoming athletic events, or maps of campuses, or laser-beam death rays. Teachers should give families a voice. Don’t feel the need to provide all the data or answers to student learning issues yourself—invite families to share their own data and observations of their child to make them active partners with whom you share a clear objective. Instead of trusting students to carry important documents home to give to their parents, why not embed forms or link to online tools instead? If you have any important announcements or forms to be completed, they would be available online resulting in instant data collection and reducing the number of lost forms. Schools using Parents Evening System can go paperless internally and with parents too.

Parents Have A Clear Preference For Digital

Sharing data is a vital component to a strong home-school partnership. Students whose parents receive regular and personalized messages with actionable information from teachers are more likely to succeed in school. Parents are a child’s first and most effective teachers. Infants begin learning from the moment they are born and continue to evolve their understanding of the world every moment. When parents seek outside education for their children, they still need to know what is being taught so they can reinforce that learning in the home. Minimise digital barriers by requiring parents to only use one or two carefully chosen edtech apps for communication, alongside regular social media. An important aspect of technology-based learning can be an opportunity to get involved with the contents that the child is being exposed to thanks to increased transparency offered by certain educational apps and platforms. This exposure can lead to building stronger relationships through an understanding of behavioural developments and interests. A parent app is a great selling point for prospective parents, helping your school stand out against others they may be considering sending their children to. Schools can achieve seamless communication by using Websites For Schools in their setting.

Delivering the experience parents demand requires addressing the friction that results from fragmented parent and school communications across channels. How many times a week do schools have to contact parents? Maybe there’s a text about the possibility of bad weather and arrangements after a bad snowfall. Then there’s the messages to parents of children who are on their residential visit – keeping them up to date with their adventures. Plus the reminders about parents’ evening, the PTA meetings, or requests for helpers on a visit to the local church. Life is easier with online payment functionality - not just for the parents but also for your admin team. Having to count and handle cash wastes time and resources that could be redistributed elsewhere in the office but a a school communication app can change all this. Schools have always held a wide range of data about our children and families: Name, address, names of parents or guardians, date of birth, grades, attendance, disciplinary records, eligibility for lunch programs, special needs and the like are all necessary for basic administration and instruction. Educational websites are a great way for parents to be present and engaged in their children’s learning journey. The internet is an unlimited source of knowledge, with incredible amounts of information about anything that could be learned — even by parents. A service such as Homework App simplifies the life of a school administrator.

Communication Meets Parental Engagement

Research shows that parental involvement can free teachers to focus more on the task of teaching children. Also, by having more contact with parents, teachers learn more about students' needs and home environment, which is information they can apply toward better meeting those needs. Waiting for bad news before getting in contact with parents is not a successful approach to school communications. It immediately makes parents fear receiving communications and also makes your school appear negative. There are many barriers to family engagement, including limited time and resources available for teachers and families alike; a lack of professional development focused on how teachers can best engage families; and different levels of family understanding about how or why they should engage with their child’s education. As helpful as digital communications are, it should be noted that people still place a significant value on face-to-face meetings. That’s why events such as parents’ evening are so valuable as for both parents and teachers as a forum to discuss the progress of each student. Community is something that is often undervalued in today’s society. People brush it off as unimportant, but this could not be further from the truth. A community stands for basic values such as trust, respect and looking after one another. And when you compare these to the basic values of a school, a clear similarity emerges. As users of Online School Payments know - a good product is nothing without a great service.

In some schools, parents have access to their child’s work online and can leave comments about it. This is a good example of sharing, and engaging parents. From parent-teacher conferences and picture days at elementary schools to exam periods and spring breaks at colleges, it's crucial to ensure that everyone knows what's going on and a school mobile app can help in this regard. A parent portal is an ideal container for everything involving a specific child. A secure informational environment allows parents to access updates on their child’s work and to draw on resources recommended or used by the school to continue learning at home. Uncover more intel on the topic of School Systems for Parents Evenings at this web page.

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